The Bear Den

The Bear Den Cabin is a quiet place to relax with a loved one. This peaceful cabin is in a wooded setting with a double bed, fire ring, and 12 volt system for phone charging and lights. Enjoy your evening by the campfire and allow the stress to melt away as you enjoy your needed alone time with someone special.

Bring your own
linens or sleeping bag
drinking water
food and cooler

frying pan
fire grate
coffee pot for heating water with 2 mugs
coffee bags
tea bags
instant oatmeal
first aid kit
toilet paper
fire starter and lighter
water for washing in large blue drums

Other Information You Need To Know

There is NO on-site trailer parking for this cabin. No pets allowed. There is no electricity or running water. We do, however, have solar powered lights and USB ports to charge phones. We do NOT have showers.

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